To: All anyone who feel frustrated about being fat… who want to get rid of those lose weight…and avoid unnecessary risks using diet pills and treatments that can harm your body.

From: Kieth graham

kieth grahamHello my name is Keith Graham. I'm sure that many of you have struggled for years trying to loss weight, burn fat, stay in shape at every attempting but, ultimately failed in doing so. I can tell you from personal experience that losing weight has been one of, if not the biggest challenge in my life. Let me tell you a short story about me....

I have spent hundred to thousands of dollars trying to find the right weight loss solution. I remember going to the pharmacy almost every week trying to find a new 'magic' supplement because the one I purchased already didn't work. I saw no results within a week and then I kept on going back to the store to buy a new diet pill... The process kept on repeating. And at the end of my struggles, I still didn't find the best diet supplement on the market that worked for me. I wasted thousands of dollars, time and I didn't lose the weight I wanted to lose. This cycle has got to be one of the worst cycles that went through my life.

Next...I tried Sticking to a very strict low carob diet that just didn't work for me. Trying to apply the strategies in my daily routines was painfully hard. Many foods on the diet I just didn't like to eat. I just couldn't keep my sanity, I felt like I was going crazy trying to stick to a strict diet only intaking low crab foods. I ultimately failed due to my food temptations lead me to eat more food. In short... I gain more weight than anything else from this strategy.

If you failed to lose weight like I did. Because of complications like time constraints, lack of result, motivation and the biggest problem why people can't lose weight is incorrect information! the information on this site is going to give you all the information that has changed my life and will do the same for your life. 

If you want a flexible program the can be easily adjusted into your life with keeping your sanity and promoting 'healthy' weight loss then this is the right place for you.

The information I have in store for you, is tested and proven to work for anyone and anybody... Keep on reading below...


Mental reason that's hindering you to lose weight 

4 reason why...
#1 Incorrect information

wrongThe main problem why you can't lose weight is because you have been told the wrong ways to lose weight since you first started! 

This is just like a teacher teaching the students incorrect answers for an up coming examination. No matter how much the students remembers all the answers, him/her is going to fail. 

That's the same thing when it comes to losing weight you have been given incorrect information from the very start. What you have been told to lose weight by following conventional methods such as you must go to the gym, eat 'healthy' foods, take the newest weight loss supplement, eat less calories. etc...

The truth is what you heard before is all incorrect. You just won't ever lose weight! by following the newest diet trends nor none of the new gimmick nonsense out there!

2# Lack of motivation

lack This is one of the many reason why people just don't lose weight. They need that special someone or something in life to motivate them to lose weight. 

Many of us lack the inspiration to lose weight. Its true... You have the desire to lose weight but, you need something to ignite the desire to push you to actually taking effort into what you want to archive. 

Fat to slim transformation ignites the fire driving you to lose weight. We'll teach you how to stay motivated from the start till the end giving you crucial key points to stay motivated.

#3 Stress and life problems

stressLife is a good. But, there cames many problems in life that leaves us emotional, upset, sad, angry, frustrated. 

We face so, many problems day in and day out, it just seems we can't get out of problems! We have stress from going to work being pushed around from bosses, relationship problem from our spouse, being sick, worrying about paying those bills. We're just caught up into too many things, its nearly impossible to truly enjoy our lives.

The thing with stress is... Having stress release a chemical in the body called "cristol" that cause you to put on more weight. Simply put the more we're stressed out the more weight we gain. 

I know it's very hard to coup with all of life circumstances.There are some simple things you can do to eliminate these problems and live a better life.

# 4 I don't want to give up my favorite foods

pizzaNext problem many of us do not, I repeat DO NOT want to stop eating our favorite foods like sweet tasty ice cream, pepperoni topping pizza, crispy French fries etc...

We eat these food not because we want to make ourselves fat but, we eat these food because of comfort and ease emotional problems in life to regulate stress.

I'm just like this... I just couldn't enjoy a foot ball game without having a hot dog, potato chips, ice cream. No matter what... I just couldn't. Having these item was basically like a drug I was addicted to it, If i didn't had them I practically just turn off the game.

I know most of us are like this... And we want to lose weight but, this is just an obstacle that many of us can't overcome. With the methods I'll teach you can  still eat the same foods you like to eat, by just 'replacing' the bad fats in foods with more healthy choice and not absolutely discard your favorite food for we are just making them more 'healthy' and enjoyable.


The 'original diet' is a set up to failure 

Fat to slim transformation a special diet for success.

I'm sure most of you have heard about the 'ordinary' ways to lose weight. This is the typical responds you would get from your neighbors, co-workers, family and friends. 

1. Go on a low calorie diet

2. Eat less(fasting)

3. Work out at the gym for 2 hour a daily 

4. Take supplements to lose weight

Many of them would tell you to do these simple things and you'll lose weight in no time. BUT, They are absolutely wrong! The old ordinary diet plan isn't going to help you lose weight at all these so, called 'ordinary things' are just wrong. Let me break down everything for you to easily understand.

Why low calorie diets are bad?

lcdA low calorie diet is a diet which severely restricting calorie intake, almost like your starving yourself to death.

What this does is forces your body's metabolism to slow down not to burn as many calories as required to maintain adequate energy level. By eating less calories our brains sends a signal to the stomach that it has switched to 'starvation' mode, then your stomach sends a signal back to your brain saying you need to eat more food.

Many people have failed to lose weight  sticking to a low calorie diet. Simply quiting the plan because of it being to rough on life, many of them go back eating more food and gaining back 2 times more than what they weigh before they started.

Long term low calorie diets can lead to malnutrition, and are not a recommended means of weight loss.

Why eat less?

skinnyFasting is totally wrong! If anyone has told you to do this to lose weight, STOP immediately! 

Fasting could be one of the most ridiculous dangerous methods to lose weight on the planet. While fasting your body burns calories at a high rate but, really the body isn't burning fat at all. The body is actually burning muscle tissue! This silly method only makes our body metabolism drop(now we burn calories slower) and makes us feel weaker.

Fasting is  a sure way to loss weight but, this damaging your body to a point were it cannot fight off sickness. 

The proper way to fast is actually the reverse way, I'll cover this in a few minutes.

Why not take supplements?

pillsThe new "magic" pill shown on TV advertisement, are all over hyped, false statements, bad actors and not there to help you. The new 'magic pill' is only there to make money off you! 

You heard me! Let me repeat myself... (shouting through a microphone) "The new 'magic pill' is only there to make money off you!"

The truth is.. Big companies want to sell you useless junk to get money from you. None, not one of them are actually there to help many of then contain hidden toxic chemicals meant to harm the body than actually help it in any way. 

They we're designed not to work so, you could keep on searching buying the next latest hottest magic pill on the market at the moment.

I'll be showing is the 'ultimate' supplement consumed not swallowed to lose weight. Only costing you 1 single dollar that you can find easily at the supermarket that hardly anyone knows about. This secret supplement has been hidden which in fact has been used for a permanent weight lose for many years, that has been disguised as 'bad' to try and  sell you useless supplement that do not work.

Why not go to the gym?

gym"I hate going to the gym, I don't have time to travel to the gym. I don't like training for long hours, doing extremely painful exercises."

The truth is...You don't need to spend 2 hours a day doing extreme intense work outs. No more crunches, sit ups etc... they do not work! Most of the ordinary exercise do not work the muscles in the body that do need to be exercised to increase metabolism. 

Hardly anyone in the gym knows the correct exercises not even your fitness trainers knows, if he/she does they won't tell just so, you can keep paying for gym memberships. 

The truth is you really don't need to do long exercises with lots of repetitions. What you need to be doing is short simple fast exercises that increase metabolism and that's it. 

I'll reveal everything to you step by step soon. So, keep on paying attention.


Look at the results from fat to slim transformation 

REAL testimonies from customers

Thanks to fat to slim transformation. I finally found a great diet program to lose weight. I lost all the weight I needed to lose. Thanks to all of the tip Keith has provided me I still could eat my favorite foods i love and couldn't live without.  My life has totally changed. I used to get turned down by many girls until I tried this programs. the girls that use to say I'm fat and ugly are now asking me out to dates.I recommend this weight lose program to my friends and family.


I just wanted to express my deep gratuity to Keith and his program fat to slim transformation. I was 152 pound before this wonderful program came into my life. After 9 week of implementing the simple and easy techniques, I've lost a 30 pounds from following the step and I've never gain back the weight so, far. I have many thanks and praise to this wonderful program.


I used to really fat. I mean really, really fat.The results didn't show up very fast, it took more time for me to lose weight. I got depressed a little but, Keith's tips made me stay focus. Over time I gradually noticed I was cutting inches on my waist and hip. Long story short... After following the simple plan. I lost all the weight and never put it back on what I used to be.


What's the real cause of me being overweight? 

Truth exposed
toxicToxic Additives

Did you know that you body is intaking over 128 toxic chemicals?(if I listed them all it would be too long) made in your delicious meals what you think to be safe, which are in fact loaded with dangerous cancer causing chemical.

The reality is some of the food we enjoy eating everyday ketchup, spinach, jams and jelly contain dangerous chemical such as the common name high fructose corn syrup(HFCS). Found on almost every product label's ingredient on the shelf. Which is in fact slowing but surely causing us sickness and we wonder why we are sick so, often!

What is high fructose corn syrup(HFCS)?

Is genetically modified corn used to preservatives food to make them last longer. 

Researchers from Princeton University tested and proven on lab rats who were fed(HFCS) to gain weight 300% faster than other rat who were not fed(HFCS). 

So, image you being fed with HFCS, you know what would happen? you'd be fat as a rat in no time(literally).

Ignoring your hormones:

hormonesYour metabolism(the rate how fast your burn calories) is controlled by your hormones and your hormones are controlled by foods that you eat. And by eating foods loaded with additives sets your hormones to turn against you; causing you to become overweight.

You heard right! What you eat actually makes who you are. Food is the proper medicine, to heal yourself and promote healthy living.  Eating the right foods is much more mightier than any supplement, and works better and more safer than any prolong drug.

Many other programs tend to target the outer side of you but, whats inside you shapes the outside of you! And by ignoring your hormones you leave yourself grim to fact it controls, how fast you burn fat and how much weight you lose overtime. So, treating your hormones with respect in return of the favor your hormone become nice to you granting you the ability to increase metabolism. Simply put if you forget the inner you, you can  just forget about attempting to change the outer appearance of your body

We'll be cover how to work together with your hormones helping you to lose weight. 


What makes FTST different from the rest?

ftstFTST is different because it is tried and tested each and every weight loss methods covered in the series, took hundreds to thousands of dollar out my pocket interviewing top medical doctors and physician, Thousands of hours were taken to properly research from medical tesxt books taught to doctors. After all the time it took finally came to a conclusion and that's how Fat to slim transformation was created. This is a simple manual put together easy to follow and implement into life.

This is a new cutting edge program released to the public, you won't find this information you read in other text books before. The doctor that reviewed our work said "we haven't seen anything like this before" The information is straight to the point with no fluff or cover ups, we are exposing the real truth to the public for the first time.

We know what the media is covering up from the public. We know what your doctors don't want to tell you because if, the doctors told you exactly how to lose weight and stay fit you wouldn't come back to them ever again. How would they make money? The truth about your doctors and dietitian is that they love sick people!

And that totally disgusted me! I had to stand up for the people and expose these crocks, that's stealing your money and selling you the latest trash that DO NOT work at all! Fat to slim transformation is going to reveal how easy it is to burn fat and stay in shape for the rest of you life.


What's inside Fat to Slim Transformation? 

Why do I need it?

thickThe proper exercise solutions -  Which exercises help to boost metabolism rate, what exercises harm the body and could potentially tear muscles tissue.

thickFoods that burn fat - Burning belly fat by just eating these delicious foods that are kept way behind the supermarket so, you don't see it!

thickDoctors don't want you to know -The real truth your doctors don't want you to know how to lose weight. Hidden in the medical industry for hundreds of years! Finally exposed as a way to lose weight and keep in shape permanently.

thickCalorie food bombs - Which foods actually carry more calories than others and food you think to be 'healthy' but aren't! Some of the choices you make actually have are calorie bombs.

thickBringing the gym to you -  How to easily create a simple gym at home purchasing the right equipment for exercise and to lose weight.

thickEat your favorite foods and still lose weight - Eat everything you want still losing weight by just 'replacing' the bad fats.

thickIncrease your metabolism speed - How to drastically boost your metabolism rate. Making it work faster, burn more calories, regulate weight by using these simple methods.

thickFoods that burn fat - The delicious foods which contains the vital vitamins that your body needs to eliminate fat around your belly once and for all.

thickWeight loss mind set - Motivating yourself to lose weight and succeed. Many people fail to lose weight because they don't have to proper mindset. I'll be teaching you how to create a burning desire from start to end of your journey.

thickSacred secret tea to lose weight - The secret tea used for thousands of years by ancient man to promote healthy living. This tea has been hidden from humanity since the new age, giving us other beverages like soda to drink. Which does the exact opposite and was created to 'slowly' kill us! the sacred tea is simply delicious and should be your primary beverage to start your morning right.

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More value to your order

Just for the purchase of fat to slim transformation we will give you these extra special bonuses with this package

#1: 10 Things You MUST Do to Get a Great Body

book2Finally. You can get the body you have always wanted. This is your step-by-step guide to getting the body of your dreams. Learn how to build muscle and burn fat. Make unbelievable progress.

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#2: Aerobics: The Big “Fat” Lie

book4Discover why ineffective cardio workouts and aerobics are sabotaging your fat loss efforts—and how to fix them! 

Learn why cardiovascular exercise is not good at burning fat. The evidence is all around us. Walk into any commercial gym, and you will find endless rows of treadmills, stair climbers, bikes, and other cardio machines. 

They offer aerobic classes with exotic names like “Fat-Burner”, or spinning classes in which dozens of people peddle their hearts out on bikes. 

Logically, all of those things are great for anyone who wants to lose weight. Cardio burns calories and helps with fat loss, right? 

All of those classes and gyms that are packed with people who are desperately huffing and puffing away, in an effort to shed a few pounds

A $29.99 value give to you for free

#3: A Guide On Weight Loss - Lose Weight The Correct Way

book3 A Personal Trainer reveals how you CAN lose weight and keep it off - goodbye yo yo dieting. 

This ebook also includes a section on increasing your motivation to exercise and a bonus article on what it actually takes to get your ideal body.

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Are You Ready To FINALLY lose 11 Pounds of Fat in 30 Days? 

The final cure for be overweight

Let's get to the bottom of this... 

Would you like to go back to school studying, nutrition, biochemistry, health and exercise for long painful years going through stress, test, teachers, homework and all other complication of higher education learning just to find a simple straight forward solution to lose weight? No, you wouldn't! 

Or would you rather have me do all the work for you? 

Would you rather skip all of nonsense on rely on the person that went through all of this pain just to give you the simple weight lost formula, that is scientifically proven to work by medical doctors.

Look...I have done all the work for you.I have spent my time studying majoring in nutrition and health achieving a bachelor degree. Just to help you. Giving the information that only the top doctors have knowledge but, prohibited to give you the real truth.

Which decision would you take? 

If I was like in your position I would definably want to rely on someone that has been through all of the complication so, I would not have to go through them at all.

Now how do I start? This is going to be the best decision you make to lose weight. What I have for you is the super special package known to work. You can have all of what I know for a simple cheap price of $35 dollars that all I'm charging.

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The benefits of having Fat to Slim Transformation

Here are some of the great benefits that fat to slim transformation offers you

Permanent weight lost

Losing weight isn't the biggest achievement on your journey. In fact the biggest challenge is to keep off weight from gaining back. Once you have keep applying the knowledge in the program you won't ever gain back the weight. But, it is really your decision to change your bad habits.

You will look 10 times younger

Overweight people generally look older than their real age. Know fact is, if you are overweight by 50 pounds you look 5 years older than your real age. If you are overweight by 100 pounds you look 10 years older. 

You will Live longer

By being 50 pounds overweight you cut you life span by 5 years. And you are more pruned to develop fatal diseases like stroke, blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems. After losing excessive fat on your body, you will start living a totally different life and adding back some of the years on your life you have lost.

You'll find great relationships

No, slim woman/ man wants an overweight partner. Being fat can deprives you from getting into contact with more great looking people. And if you don't know attractive people are always slim. Have you seen a fat model before? With fat to slim transformation you'll find the perfect love of your life. 

Save money

You won't be forced or coax to buy anything expensive. I won't tell you to go and buy the latest weight loss pill and exercise equipment. I'll teach you how do smart shopping buying what you really need.


No Questions Asked, No Hassle, 

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!


When you purchase the course you get a full 60-Day period to try it out RISK FREE. If at anytime during those 60 days you decide it's not for you, you can get money back.

All you need to do now is click the order button and get started

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Once you have read this fat to slim transformation, I can guarantee you will never pick up another nutrition or diet book ever again! Nor will you need to be to!d. This is going to be the last purchase you ever make on finding a weight loss solution!

To all your success.

Keith Graham


P.S.  Remember, with my Iron-clad, 100% Money-back Guarantee,  I’m giving you 60 risk-free days to discover what countless others already have—this is the most strategic, fastest fat loss program EVER developed.

P.P.S. If you’re still wondering if it is right for you, just read the questions and answers below.

FAQ (Frequent asked questions)

Q: Does this only work for men?

FTST can work for both genders, any age, race, nationality. This program dose not discriminate anyone.

Q: Will I gain back the weight I lost?

If you continue to to follow all instruction you won't ever gain back the weight. But, It is up to you to keeps following the plan, if you don't and go back to the same lifestyle expect to gain a couple of pounds.

Q: Is the book available in hard copy? 

There's no hard copy and this is NOT available in bookstores. This is a downloadable e-book in Adobe acrobat PDF format. It can be read on any mac or PC or any ebook reader or device that is compatible with Adobe acrobat PDF format.

Q: Do I have to take supplements using this program? 

No supplements are required. I don't sell supplements and never will. If you want to use supplements, that's your choice, but it's completely optional.

Q: How quickly can I lose weight on your program?   

You can expect to lose about 2 pounds per week of PURE FAT, without losing muscle.

Q: What exactly are the contents of the book?

FTST is known as "the bible of fat loss." It's one of the most complete and detailed guides to fat loss EVER made. It covers elements of fat loss: 1) nutrition, 2) weight training, 3) cardio training 4) mental training (motivation). And a lot more extra stuff.

Q: Will this work for vegetarians?

Yes, although you may need to modify the program based on what you do and don’t eat. If you don't eat meat but you eat dairy, eggs or fish, it's very easy to follow. If you're a strict vegan it will take a little more creativity and will be up to you to come up with your own recipes and meal plans.

Q: Will I have to starve my way through this program?

NO.  You can literally eat WHATEVER you want all day long.  That's right, this program requires that you regularly indulge all your cravings without worry.  And the best part?  It's strategically set up that way to accelerate your results.

Q: How long does it take to ship me all this information before I can get started?

It takes exactly zero days, zero minutes, zero seconds. The entire program will become instantly available to you via download after your purchase - no shipping fees, no waiting for results!

Q:  What if the program doesn't work for me?

Then it's all free. It works like this: if you follow FTST exactly as I have outlined it, you are going to lose more weight, in shorter periods of time, than you ever have before.  And if for some strange reason you don't, I will return 100% of your money with no questions asked.

Believe me, I am so excited about this program all I want is the opportunity to prove to you that it works.  Sure, some people will try to take advantage of this generous money-back guarantee.  But, I am not worried about them… I am worried about helping you! 

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